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Catalogue       Group                                                  A side/B side                                                                Year


ER 7-3        Gaby Omolo and The Eagles         Sir James/Keep Change

7 ER 10       Daudi Kabaka and the Eagles       Nyama Kilo Moja/Musumba

7 ER 14       Gaby Omolo & the Eagles            Lunch Time/Tutakula Vya Ajabu

7 ER 15       Nashil Pichen & the Eagles           Mimi ni VIP/Peni La Bus Lamushinda                 1972

7 ER 23       M Suddy & the Eagles                 Sitaoa Tena/Emeri Lumumba

7 ER 29       The Eagles Band                         Africa Pepo Yetu/Nyumba Imepigwa Na Radi

7-ER 49       The Eagles Lupopo                      Comrade Dr Kaunda/Mwapoleni Ba Zambian

AER 53        Eagles Lupopo                            Emi Nitakufa Nae/Pesa Ulikula Na Warembo      1972

7 ER 55        A: Nashil Pichen                         Ng'ong'a Wa Mwanjalo

                      & the Eagles Lupopo

                   B: Peter Tsotsi                           Kajo Golo - Weka

                       & the Eagles Lupopo

7 ER-57       The Eagles Lupopo                      Nafwa-Mayo/One Zambia One Party

ER 59          Eagles Lupopo                            Blue Zambesi/Kwilima

ER 60          A: The Eagles Lupopo                  Pelekani/See Serere

                  B: Sophia Ben & G. Ochieng        

                  & the Eagles Lupopo

EMI distributed these recordings by a production company launched by Daudi Kabaka and colleagues after their departure from Equator Sounds in 1972. Doug Paterson gives full details of the split in an article that appeared in The Beat in 2002 that you can read here.

The British Library’s National Sound Archive lists two principal performers for ER 59, Eagles Lupopo, who were in essence the label’s house band, and Bantu Beat. Since the BL also says the record is from Tanzania, there may be some doubt on this attribution.

Thanks to Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris for the label scan.