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Orchestra Bella Mambo

Congolese band active from 1972 to about 1978. In 1972 Emile Soki Dianzenza split from Orchestra Bella Bella, the band he had formed with his brother Soki Vangu, to set up Orch Bella Mambo with guitarist Dino Vangu.

After a brief reconciliation with his brother, Soki Dianzenza revived Bella Mambo in 1974, and at one point even performed with both bands.

In 1976 Bella Mambo, which by then included both guitarist Diblo Dibala and vocalist Kanda Bongo split from their leader.

Soki Dianzenza appears to have carried on for a while with a new grouping, Orchestra Bella Mambo Renove, but this seems to have split up in the late 1970s as Congolese musicians headed west to Abidjan and north to Europe in search of more lucrative opportunities.

The Bolingo website lists one CD compilation for Bella Mambo, pictured right, though it has no details of track listings. A quick trawl of the internet reveals that it came out on the Scalen label in 1998 and is no longer available.